Automotive Sensors T17025X Air Fuel Ratio Oxygen Sensor LSU 4.9 5 Wire Wide band Replacement AFR O2 sensor Replaces # Bosch LSU 4,9 17025 and 


7 Aug 2018 Monitoring Denso O2 sensor voltage levels. Bosch LSU 4.9 5-wire, wide-band O2 sensor. O2 Lambda Sensor Oxygen Sensor For 5 Wire 17025 

NEW Wide-band Oxygen Sensor OE#17025 4.9LSU Genuine CATINBOW Sensor US Wideband/Air-Fuel sensors perform the same function as a regular O2 sensor, but they precisely measure the amount oxygen in the exhaust rather than just switching between rich (too much fuel, not enough oxygen) and lean (too much oxygen, not enough fuel). ProSport 17025 Wideband Replacement O2 Sensor - Bosch LSU 4.9 (5 Wire) SKU: 17025. NOW $135.96 WAS $159.95 Save $23.99! Sale Ends in. 23:59 pm, 4 April Order the best 02 sensor for your vehicle and pick it up in store today.

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This one from this vendor. It lasted six hundred highway miles. Disappointing to say the least. 3 people found this helpful.

Oxygen sensors play a big part in keeping your engine running at peak performance.

The InPro6860i/12/220/mA/HD is an optical dissolved oxygen sensor with a mechanically modified hydrophilic surface. Combined with its tilted design, 

Titrimetry. 0-20 mg/l. 5 %.

17025 o2 sensor

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 17025 LSU 4.9 Bosch O2 UEGO Wideband Oxygen Lambda Sensor for PLX AEM 30-2004 at the best …

17025 o2 sensor

PayPal Accepted. Secure Online Ordering. Est. 1969. lsu LSU 4.9 5 Wire Lambda O2 Oxygen Sensor 0258017025 17025 LSU 4.9 Wide Band O2 Sensor 0 258 017 025 exhaust gas oxygen sensorBuy Online on AliExpress, Get Bosch 17025 sensor. I have purchased 4 of this sensor and have had 2 of them go out in the 3 days I was trying to tune my 383's.

17025 o2 sensor

Bosch 17025 Premium Wideband A/F Oxygen (O2) Sensors are designed for use with aftermarket high performance wideband kits. Wideband   26 Jan 2021 High Quality Air Fuel Ratio Sensor 0258017025 LSU4.9 Wideband Oxygen Sensor 30-2004 LSU 4.9 17025. 23.21 $. 214 orders. /. 85 reviews. 7 Aug 2019 Specification: High quality.
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2014-12-13 · Bosch 17025 Oxygen Sensor Review Bosch 17025 Oxygen Sensor ROBERT BOSCH SALES CORP. 17025 17025 OXYGEN SEN17025Contact us with any questions!

Generiska märken Lambda O2 syresensor Lsu LSU 4,9 5 tråd O2 syresensor 0258017025 17025 LSU 4,9 brett band O2 sensor 0 258 017 025 avgasssensor bil  Oxygen Sensor, OE Replacement, LSU 4.9. Product code: BCH-17025; Delivery time: 2-7 days; Questions?
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BOSCH 17025 Oxygen (O2) Sensor ALL THE PARTS YOUR CAR WILL EVER NEED Show Prices In US Dollars ($) Australian Dollars (AU$) Brazilian Real (R$) Canadian Dollars (CAD$) Swiss Francs (CHF) Euros (€) British Pounds (£) Japanese Yen (¥) Mexican Pesos (Mex$) Norwegian Krone (kr) New Zealand Dollars (NZ$)

Regular price $69.00 Sale price $0.00 Unit price / per. Quantity.

Make Bosch oxygen sensors an essential part of your next tune-up. By swapping out your worn O2 sensor, you’ll reduce emissions, enhance fuel economy, and save money in the long run. Bosch invented the automotive oxygen sensor and is known worldwide for its innovative sensor designs and industry-leading ceramic elements.

Sniper EFI SBC 355 engine with less than 10k on it. These O2 sensors fail and send self-learning into over fueling mode. Running on all cylinders, not burning oil, but constant problems with the Bosch sensors. Never received a refund for any of these.

Restore or update your Holley Sniper EFI System with this WBO2 Sensor 17025 Bosch 554-155 Holley Note that this is a different sensor than Holley uses for their Dominator/HP/Terminator/Avenger series. Bosch LSU 4.9 5 wire heated O² sensor. Bosch part # 17025 This is the latest Bosch o² sensor that we use exclusively with our Wideband AFR kit. The newest generation of oxygen sensors are being called "wideband" lambda sensors or "air/fuel ratio sensors" because that's exactly what they do. Bosch 17025 Oxygen Sensor.